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This month the #TSQL2SDAY invitation comes from Pinal (X). The T-SQL Tuesday is a monthly blogging event that was created by Adam Machanic (blog|X) and is maintained by Steve Jones (blog|X). Pinal asked us to write about the AI helping at our jobs. The invitation is in this post.

AI is changing how we work, especially in SQL Server jobs. Tools like ChatGPT, GitHub Copilot, and the upcoming Azure SQL Copilot make our jobs easier. Here is a look at how I use AI, how I wish to use it, and what others think.

How do I use it?

Every day, I use ChatGPT and GitHub Copilot. They help me explain complex scripts and speed up my coding. Here is what is great about using AI:

  • Documentation: Whenever I finish a task but skip explaining it well, AI comes to the rescue. I do not worry about missing out on documentation anymore.
  • Solving Problems: Before, if I got stuck, it could take ages to find answers because my situation was unique or no one else shared their experience online. Now, AI helps me get on the right track faster, even if it does not have all the answers.

How do I want to use it?

I am excited about Azure SQL Copilot. It promises to let us ask questions about our databases in simple language and advises on making them run better. Imagine having an AI buddy who could tell you how to improve your database without you having to dig through all the details yourself.

Also, I can’t wait for AI to predict problems before they happen. This means we could fix issues before they turn into bigger problems, keeping our databases safe and running smoothly.

How do others want to use it?

Talking with friends and online, many people are looking forward to using AI in similar ways. They want AI to do the routine checks and analyses, so they can focus on more creative or complex problems. There’s also a lot of interest in making AI smarter at understanding our questions, making it even easier to work with databases.

Everyone agrees that AI should help us, not replace us. We want tools that make our expertise stronger, not unnecessary.

In Conclusion

We are just starting to see how AI can help with SQL Server jobs. We can make AI a valuable partner in our work by working together and sharing our ideas.

I would love to hear your thoughts. How do you use AI now, and how do you want to use it in the future? What excites you, and what worries you? The future of AI in our jobs is something we can all help shape. Check out the conversation I started on LinkedIn and join in.