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Earlier this month I had a pleasure to attend the third edition of Data:Scotland - the data platform conference that takes place in Glasgow, Scotland. In this place I would like to thank you, everyone, who helped me to make this happen:

  • My family always supports me. Love you!
  • The Dream team behind the Data:Scotland: Craig / Louise / Robert / Paul. You gave me the opportunity to be an active part of the event. Thank you!
  • My mentor Rob who gave me tips and helped me to understand what all that speaking is about :-) Thanks, Mr. Beard!
  • Alex and Mark for sharing their experience with new speakers during dedicated online sessions. Both sessions were great. I have learned from Alex what to do, and from Mark what NOT to. Tack!!!
  • My TEAM at work, especially Dan who always encourages us to share what we know. Cheers Boss! Cheers TEAM!

The list could go on and on, but I will end with probably the biggest group - all of you SQL Family / Data Family community members. It all started with Data Community Poland (Katowice then Kraków) and continues with Leeds Data Platform.

Thank you, Mikey