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The SQLBits 2022 was my second in-person (the first in 2019). Last time I was an attendee and could experience the famous party, but this year was different. I’ve been there in several roles.


The SQLBits offered creche to help parents with childcare during the conference. It was a gift for us as we could both help and enjoy the conference, and our little human could enjoy tons of toys, watching trains and singing and painting with childcare professionals because they are not that into data… yet.

Orange helper

This year, my wife and I decided to join the famous orange crew. It was the first time we did this, and it was a great experience. Being there early each day, seeing the conference from “the inside” was something great. As helpers, we were making sure the speakers have all the information and assistance they needed, so they could focus just on their presentation. We would also help the delegates to enjoy the conference and not to be lost in the big venue.

If you would like to be part of that experience check this tweet out


This was my very first SQLBits as a speaker and although I had to wait for my turn till the end of the event it was very good. I was pumped before the conference and till the very end, as basically after I finished, it all finished minutes later :) I liked it and learned a thing, or two about not changing the configuration last minute, otherwise there might be no way to present the session to the audience - kudos to the AV crew who helped me sort it out.


This wasn’t new to me, but because we had to wait over two years to meet in person, so it was unique. Over the last two years, there were a lot of events where I could learn awesome things from awesome people virtually. SQL Bits 2021 was my chance to see the sessions in person, physically be with the speakers (at least in my case, as the event had remote speakers too). It was also an opportunity to catch up with friends we’ve not seen for a while.

This second aspect had a great value to me. I could catch up with people from my previous places, and to me, it almost felt like we hit the “pause” button the last time we met in the office, and at SQLBits, we just unpaused. I’ve not seen some of them for over two years, but it felt like it was just a few days before the event.

I have recently started a new job, so the SQLBits was an opportunity to meet my new team, although most of them I have already met in the past.


At SQLBits, I probably spent more time talking to friends and networking with others than watching the sessions. But it was worth it!

I already cannot wait for SQLBits 2023!