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This month the #TSQL2SDAY invitation comes from Deepthi Goguri (blog|twitter) who asks us to write about our favorite new feature in SQL Server 2022 or in Azure and New Year’s Resolutions. The T-SQL Tuesday is a monthly blogging event that was created by Adam Machanic (blog) and is maintained by Steve Jones (blog|twitter).

If you want to read about my favourite new feature in SQL Server 2022 read this post.

New Resolutions

I thought I can write another post about the second Deepthi Goguri’s topic about the New year, New Resolutions.

I usually did not have any resolutions, because when I would like to do something I just do it, spontaneously, without planning, or crossing days in the calendar. If this was a success - that’s cool if I failed, wiped tears, and have no regrets because my year has not been ruined. I found this fair for myself.

But I have a few resolutions, a few things that I would like to do in the next months.

Microsoft Certifications

I would like to find time to learn and pass the exam for MS certifications, I am thinking of 2 exams - but will see.

Workout Wednesday

The second is quite fresh because I found this workout last week and I would like to give it a try. This would be a weekly workout about PowerBi, and this can be found here: Workout-Wednesday.com. I need to catch up on a few lessons from the beginning of the year, but I hope I will be up to date soon with all this year’s lessons, and there will be another 48 to go.