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I am using dbatools.io in day-to-day work. That amazing set of tools helped me a lot. I have also met people who have some reservations or do not know where to start. I have heard:

I will not learn new language, for example PowerShell

SQL Server Management Studio is all I need

We already have sqlcmd why waste a lot of time for no reason.

I am not going to judge those people. It is their life and work. I have this idea to show people who are unsure where to start and how to translate what they can do in SSMS to commands in dbatools.

Ultimately, you can think of dbatools as a command-line SQL Server Management Studio. But in addition to the simple things you can do in SSMS (like starting a job), we’ve also read a whole bunch of docs and came up with commands that do nifty things quickly.

I hope, this series of posts will help to understand and make that key step for those who want to start using dbatools.

This post is part of the series showing practical usage examples. The main post covering links to all posts can be found here: dbatools.io = command-line SQL Server Management Studio: Table of contents.

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