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Table of contents for the dbatools.io = command-line SQL Server Management Studio series.

  1. An overview of how to start using dbatools to run queries against your SQL Server instance.
    dbatools: Connect, Query and Save

  2. If you want to look at your SQL instance and see your objects here is how you can do it.
    dbatools: Let me see

  3. Adding new objects to your SQL instance has never been easier.
    dbatools: Something new

  4. There are times where you need to drop something from your SQL instance.
    dbatools: Drop it

  5. OK, so it is all set up. Now, change it.
    dbatools: Request for change

  6. Do you have a backup?
    dbatools: Backup-Restore

  7. Do you need to run queries against multiple servers? Maybe just keep your SQL Server instance inventory in one place?
    dbatools: Registered Servers/CMS

  8. Every time one builds a new server or inherits an unknown beast would need to do some analysis. Being able to save the existing SQL configuration and restore it is really helpful.
    dbatools: SQL configuration

  9. Do you need to create a new AlwaysOn Availability Group, or add a listener or perform the fail-over? See how you can achieve that with fewer clicks.
    dbatools: AlwaysOn Availability Groups

  10. Import/Export tasks are an important part of the job. It is good we have tools to support us. Check this out and see how simple it may be with dbatools.
    dbatools: Export-Import

  11. The SQL Server contains of many objects and services that sometimes need starting and sometimes need stoping and restarting.
    dbatools: Start/Stop

  12. There is a bunch of security objects in SQL Server, that need T-SQL to be managed as SQL Server Management Studio does not offer too many options.
    dbatools: Keys & Certificates

Thank you, Mikey