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Table of contents for the How to Excel with PowerShell series.

  1. How to merge cells/split cells in Excel with PowerShell? By default Excel spreadsheet is a grid made of same size cells, but this can be changed by merging cells.

  2. How to format an entire Excel row based on the cell values with PowerShell? Conditional formatting is a powerful feature. Did you know you can highlight the whole row based on the value of a single cell?

  3. How to manage notes in Excel with PowerShell? Notes are useful to provide some extra explanation. Now, have a look at this community contribution.

  4. How to make Excel hyperlinks using PowerShell? Another community contribution to the module. Insert hyperlinks to the places within the workbook.

  5. How to hide Excel using PowerShell? Do you need to hide a specific worksheet? It is possible with PowerShell. Similarly, the formulas can be hidden too.

  6. How to validate Excel using PowerShell? Did you get invalid data in your spreadsheet? Now you can prevent it.

  7. How to move Excel worksheets using PowerShell + bonus? Moving worksheets around does not need to be difficult and you can do it without a single click of the mouse too. Additionally, have a look at how to change the tab’s colours.

  8. How to change Excel metadata using PowerShell? Maybe not the core details about spreadsheets, but for sure overlooked. The metadata contains information about the author or creation dates. Changing them with PowerShell might give some interesting results.

  9. How to protect Excel using PowerShell? Hiding tabs is not the only option to keep something out of sight in Excel. We can use passwords to protect the workbook as well as separate spreadsheets.

  10. How to import/export data between SQL Server and Excel using PowerShell? Moving data between Excel and SQL Server is not a rare case. The ImportExcel and dbatools modules might come in really handy in this scenario.

  11. How to set Excel style with PowerShell? Tired of changing style manually? Or merging cells over and over? With PowerShell, it can be set once and then simply reproduced.

  12. How to add pictures to Excel with PowerShell? Do you need to add pictures/logos or shapes into your spreadsheet? Come along and see how to do it with a few lines of code.

  13. How to setup VBA macro with PowerShell? Have you ever thought about adding VBA code with PowerShell?